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London: The Fit Way was founded when documenting my love of food and fitness on my Instagram,  @jesssriv, developed into more than just a hobby and became an outlet where I could share the ups and downs of my fitness journey across London.

I graduated as a dentist from Bristol University in 2015 and it was during the last three years of this course that my passion for this lifestyle grew. I wanted to break out of the stereotypical student ways of late nights and pizza and focus more on my health. 

I started cooking my meals from scratch and committing to a fitness regime, which expanded into focusing my personal Instagram page into a place where I could remain accountable by interacting with like-minded people who also shared my passion for this approach. I wanted to show people that it was possible to study an intense university course, yet still live a balanced lifestyle. 

I went on to continue this when I moved to Surrey after university for my vocational training year and then to West London where I currently live and work as a dentist, aesthetic doctor, model, level 3 personal trainer and self-proclaimed food enthusiast!

The purpose of this blog is to provide an insight into the life I live in London. Most things I blog about are often my opinion rather than fact (unless quoted in a scientific paper that I have linked in the post). Therefore, by no means would I ever want people to feel obliged to take my word as gospel! Anyone seeking nutritional or fitness advice should always seek the help of a well-qualified professional in that field.

All I aim to do via my social media platforms is attempt to give people the confidence boost, inspiration and encouragement to live a healthier life and demonstrate that you can balance a 'normal' job in the city but do it in a healthier and fitter way. 


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