Monday, 25 September 2017

The Honestly Good Smoothie Company

I've never been one to make many smoothies - mainly because I run out of interesting flavour combos and most are too sweet for my liking. This was all until I stumbled across The Honestly Good Smoothie Company...

What is it?

The Honestly Good Smoothie Co. was founded by Vikesh, who after years of stomach problems, discovered that the consumption of whole, natural ingredients managed to completely cure all his ailments.

The company produces pre-packaged vegetable based smoothies, which are ideal for someone like me who doesn't really have a sweet tooth! Between the talented head chef, Blake Bowden and award-winning consultant nutritionist, Caroline Farrell, the company creates an amazing range of nutritionally dense, low GI smoothies.

Each smoothie concoction contains organic, locally sourced ingredients where possible (unfort mangoes and coconuts don't grow in abundance in our wonderful English weather.. so they are sourced from Soil Association Certified Organic Suppliers). Everything is made to order so is prepped, packed and air frozen at Vikesh's family home in Bedfordshire just hours before delivery. This ensures maximum freshness and maintenance of nutrient quality.

The name 'Honestly Good' extends beyond the ingredients of their smoothies. This company gives you the option to return your insulated packaging liners for free so that they can be reused in a bid to reduce waste. Not only that, but they also donate two meals to those in need for every smoothie box that is shipped. Incredible!                                           

How does it work?

The concept of the smoothie deliveries is super easy:

  1. sign up for your weekly delivery of 5 smoothies (you are not bound into a subscription)
  2. free delivery (they can be left in a safe place if you are out)
  3. each pack is super straight forward to prepare - place the contents into a blender, add the superfood sachet, pour in  250ml coconut water/water/almond milk (I did the latter for each one) and blend!

My Experience 

I have the world's smallest freezer so have only tried 5 of their smoothies so far. My favourite was 'the cacaonut one', which has an amazing mix of sweet potato, courgette and banana as the base. The superfood sachet was a mix of cacao nibs, pumpkin seeds and hazelnuts and it makes for the most wonderful blend of flavours. 

I loved every one of their smoothies that I tried and 'the Christmas one' got me so excited for, well, Christmas..! (Never too early IMO). I adore my green smoothies so next up I'll hopefully try 'the grass is greener', which contains loads of amazing green veg (obv) and the 'clean green protein'. The latter includes tofu, green peas, protein power and spirulina. Sounds like the most crazy mix of flavours but judging from the 5 smoothies I've already tried, I trust this one will be just as good. 

For the variety of organic vegetables, fruit and superfood powders/nuts/seeds you receive, I think it's very reasonably priced at £27.50 a week. You would likely spend that on the ingredients anyway, yet it's all sustainably sourced and lovingly prepared for you so there's no need to do any of the work!

The only thing I would change is the incorporation of protein into the smoothie. If I had the smoothies as a snack, I didn't always feel the need to add a scoop of protein as I loved the flavour combinations as they were and didn't want to alter them. However, if I had a smoothie in the morning I would add in a scoop of protein to keep me fuller for longer and help power me through my usual morning training!

The company seem to have read my mind though as over the next few months they will be bringing out a new protein range, which I can't wait to try..! 

The unexpected change..

If you follow my instagram (@jesssriv), you will know I love to start my mornings with my infamous zoats. This is because I've always needed morning carbs for satiety and like to incorporate vegetables into my breakfasts. However, after a few mornings of these smoothies and feeling lighter and more energised than I have done in a long time, going back to zoats was like having a dead weight in my stomach for hours on end..! 

I literally could not believe the difference in how I felt resuming my normal routine. I was so much more lethargic, bloated and actually pretty nauseous!! I must have just become accustomed to this feeling but it was something I was now determined to change. 

I have since switched my morning carbs from oats to sweet potato in the form of smoothies like these or sweet potato bowls when it's just that little bit too cold to be starting the day with something frozen!

If it wasn't for The Honestly Good Smoothie CompanyI don't think I would ever have ever broken out of my zoat rut or even realised how good my body could feel and look being fuelled off such a variety of vegetables and fruit.  

I can hand on heart say this was completely unexpected but has been SUCH a welcome change to my diet. My energy has improved, my digestion is better and as a byproduct of this, I feel and look leaner (which is likely just less bloating from the lack of oats and increased variety in my diet!) I'm not saying I will never have zoats again for breakfast, who are we kidding here..? But I'll be saving them for those mornings at home when I can afford to feel like a sloth and doss around in my PJs all day..!

For a new start up company, it's great to see that Vikesh and the team have already received such positive and encouraging feedback across the board (not just from me!)

My experience of The Honestly Good Smoothie Co has been faultless from start to finish. I envisage big things to come from these guys and I'm excited to see the company grow from strength to strength.

As always, any questions, either have a look at the FAQ page on their website or don't hesitate to ask me!

Jess x

N.B. This is a sponsored post, however, as always all opinions are my own and 100% honest

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