Sunday, 28 May 2017

teapigs Matcha Terrace @ Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge

Yep, you heard right - a MATCHA TERRACE! 

To celebrate teapigs' 10 year anniversary at Harvey Nichols, they have taken over the 5th floor of this flagship store and set up a gorgeous terrace to serve an all day matcha-inspired menu. 

teapigs have worked closely with the chefs at Harvey Nichols to create a menu designed to show people that matcha green tea is extremely diverse. There are so many ways it can be used - from your usual lattes to the more experimental eggs Florentine and matcha cheesecake!

Myself and one of my best friends, Max, headed down to the terrace on a gorgeous sunny afternoon and here was our verdict..

Atmosphere: 5/5
Buzzy, cosy and an absolute sun trap! We absolutely loved the terrace transformation into a teapig matcha haven. The retractable roof was amazing - we enjoyed our lunch in the shade before the waiters withdrew the canopy for us to enjoy a couple of hours soaking up the sun! 

Food: 5/5
From the left: matcha mint iced tea, matcha latte, matcha energiser smoothie
This really was dreamy - not just for a matcha lover like me, but even for people that are new to matcha as the flavours are so wonderfully subtle. 

I went for the matcha marinated chicken skewers to start followed by the pan fried salmon with matcha sauce and a matcha mint iced tea. 

The chicken was deliciously tender and the salmon was cooked to perfection. We shared a matcha energiser smoothie (but I ended up finishing it myself as it was so damn delicious..!)

Max had the sautéed prawns with a matcha mayo followed by the black quinoa and asparagus salad with a matcha dressing and an almond milk matcha latte. 

I tried these dishes as well and they were all so yummy. The salad was very well balanced and the dressing brought everything together really well. I've had a lot of matcha lattes in my time but this has to rate as one of the BEST. The frothy cinnamon topping was to die for and it gave the latte a perfect sweetness without the need to add any sugar. 

Close up: salmon on the left and sautéed prawns in the forefront
teapigs only use whole leaf, whole berries and whole herbs/flowers in their teas. Therefore, it doesn't come as a surpise that their matcha is made from 100% premium organic green tea leaves. This provided a great flavour to all the matcha dishes and ensures you don't get an overpowering bitter taste coming through, which you can often do from poorer quality matcha powder. 

The only criticism I would have of the main dishes is that on their own they were slightly incomplete. My salmon just came with some seasoned cucumber shavings, which even though delicious, wouldn't have filled me up if I hadn't have had a starter and the drinks.

As it was, I was very satisfied with the meal but if you're going just for one main dish, I would recommend ordering a side such as quinoa and of course, one (or more) of the amazing drinks they have on offer!

We were quite full after this little feast but had we have had room, the desserts also sounded amazing!

Service: 4.5/5
The staff were all extremely friendly and helpful as soon as we arrived. The service itself could be slightly quicker as I was so parched when I got there due to the hot weather that waiting 15 minutes for some water seemed like a lifetime. However, they were completely full and every table was occupied both inside and out, so I'll let them off this time..!

Once this initial blip was over, it was onwards and upwards from there so a big thank you to the staff and manager for being so accommodating to us.

The matcha terrace opened on the 3rd May and will close on 25th June so get yourselves down there to enjoy some of the amazing dishes they have on offer. The perfect accompaniment to this glorious weather! 

Of course, you can purchase teapigs matcha at Harvey Nichols but you can also do so directly from their site:

If you do make it down to the terrace, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Jess x

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